The Church on the Rock
McKinleyville Foursquare Church
2333 McKinleyville Avenue
McKinleyville, CA 95519
Beautiful Humboldt County --- Northern California Redwood Coast
Clam Beach
and Elk
McKinleyville Waterfall
World's Tallest
Totem Pole
Hammond Trail

ELIZABETH KILMER was born in London, UK. She has a B.A in
Music from the University of East Anglia and a Certificate of Education from the
Teacher Training College in Oxford and is also credentialed as a Teacher of the
Deaf. She spent much of her early life improving her piano skills and playing
double bass in amateur orchestras.  Having worked in various schools for the
hearing impaired in the UK. Elizabeth took off in 1980 to visit California. Her
"time off" turned into immigration and citizenship when she married David in

Elizabeth has been an elementary and high school teacher in her subsequent US
career and is currently a homeroom teacher for Junior High and a High School
English teacher at New Life Christian School in Fortuna, CA. She is also a
certified screener for Irlen Syndrome, a light-processing problem that affects
reading ability in almost one-fourth of the population.

Outside school, Elizabeth takes an active part in the churches she and her
husband have pastored, leading worship, small groups, intercessory groups,
Sunday School and participates in counseling. She enjoys classical music,
gardening, walks in the Redwood, her family, and reading. She has authored 2
, Measured by Candlelight, a novel/biography of her mother, and Trick of the
a novel promoting the discovery on Irlen Syndrome. She is currently
working on a third book.

The Church on the Rock was a mobile Foursquare Church, currently
leasing the former Nazarene Church here in McKinleyville.  Our church
began in 1994 as a home Bible Study out of the small
group ministry of nearby Eureka Faith Center Foursquare Church.  
Several small groups then combined to become a church plant.  For
several years, the church met in several places, like the local grange and
in schools, setting up and tearing down each week.  We then moved into
a converted medical office, until we outgrew it and
moved to our current location.

We love God and want you to know and experience how much He loves
you!  We enjoy His presence, and invite the Holy Spirit to come through
prayer, praise and worship that honors Him.  We place a high priority on
building personal relationships with God and with each other.  We want
to reflect the life and ministry of Jesus Christ in our own lives and we
value the Bible as the Word of God and aim to live by its teachings.  We
partner with other churches to expand the Kingdom of God in our region
and around the world, on earth as it is in heaven.  We celebrate God’s
unconditional love, grace, mercy and forgiveness.  

If you do not know Jesus Christ in a personal way, we would be
delighted to help you experience Him yourself.  We invite you to come
and join us in pursuing Him.

PASTOR DAVID KILMER has a passion for the presence and power
of the Holy Spirit and for the advance of the kingdom of God in McKinleyville and
in the North Coast Region of California.  He works to help each person come into
health and wholeness through Christ and His unconditional love, grace and
mercy.  He wants to help each one to experience personally the love and
presence of Christ.  He wants also to help each one to come into his or her own
spiritual destiny and inheritance as a joint heir and as a royal priest of Christ.  
His priority then for this season is equipping believers, especially young leaders,
to do the work of the ministry, until we all come to unity in Christ in love
(Ephesians 4:11-16).  At The Church on the Rock, he works to continue the
emphasis on building personal relationships and fellowship where visitors are
welcomed to become a valued part of the church family.  He prays and works for
revival and for our nation to return to God and the Judeo-Christian principles of
our Founding Fathers.  His heart is also for the nations so that “every tribe and
tongue and people and nation” will be represented around the throne of God
(Revelation 5:9-10).  

David has served as the pastor of The Church on the Rock, a Foursquare Church,
since February of 2010. He and his wife Elizabeth have been partners in ministry
now in four churches in Humboldt County since they first came here in 1985.  
Before coming to The Church on the Rock, he was the pastor at the Ferndale
Community Church (Independent) for 19 years, as the interim pastor at Arcata
First Baptist Church (Charismatic American Baptist) for three years, and as a co-
pastor at the Murray Road Community Church, McKinleyville (Southern Baptist)
for one year.  Before coming to Humboldt county he served as an Elder in an
independent charismatic church and served on staff in two American Baptist
Churches, all in Marin County. Over the years, he has networked and partnered
with other pastors, churches and ministries for the greater
cause of Christ.  

An experienced Bible teacher, David has been an instructor at the North Coast
Bible Institute since 2003, hosted at the Eureka Faith Center Foursquare
Church, but which is open to the community.  Over the years he also has been a
volunteer teacher in several Bible Institutes, Leadership and Discipleship
Schools as well as for other local ministries in the area.  He specializes in both
the Old and New Testaments, Biblical Theology and Revival History.

He developed a heart for the nations early on, when he lived overseas in
Ethiopia, Kenya and Egypt with his family as a child, before returning stateside
to live in Ohio, Connecticut, Pasadena, California and then in the San Francisco
Bay Area for 25 years before coming to Humboldt County.  Before becoming a
Christian, he received a B.A. degree in Art History from the University of
California at Santa Barbara.  He had a salvation experience in 1973 and accepted
a call to ministry in 1975.  He has a Masters of Divinity degree from Golden Gate
Baptist Theological Seminary, received his first ministerial license in 1977 and
his first ordination in 1983. He and his wife Elizabeth have been married over 30
years.  They have two grown sons who are serving the Lord on the worship team
in a church in the Seattle area.